Insights and Innovations: A Recap of Our Strategic Portfolio Management Event in Madrid

In the beginning of June, industry leaders and enthusiasts gathered at the Sala María Moliner, Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid for an engaging day focused on the cutting edge of Strategic Portfolio Management. The event, co-hosted with Broadcom, brought together a diverse group of professionals eager to explore new strategies and share their experiences.

Morning Sessions: An Inspiring Start

The day began with opening remarks from Joao Almeida, Head of Sales at Tricise, who set the stage for the further discussions.

Marc Leijten from Broadcom delivered the keynote of the day, titled “From Strategy to Success: Integrating Strategic Portfolio and Value Stream Management for Value Realization.” Marc is a recognized expert in Strategic Portfolio Management and Value Stream Management, currently serving as a Value Stream Management Advisor at Broadcom. With over 30 years of experience in consulting and management within the enterprise software industry, Marc has advised organizations for more than 15 years on how to optimize business value through the implementation of SPM, PPM, and VSM solutions. He is a leader in digital transformation and Agile within large organizations, supporting the adoption of Strategic Portfolio Management and the setting of Objectives and Key Results (OKR), aligning execution to these goals.

Over the last decade, organizations have faced numerous disruptive changes in the business environment, forcing them to rethink their operational models and transform their work methods. Despite numerous transformation initiatives, success remains limited, reaching just 35%. In this presentation, he showed the main barriers that prevent the success of transformations and analyze the persistent issues that support them. Marc shared effective strategies and best practices, illustrated with real-world case studies, on how to integrate Strategic Portfolio Management and Value Stream Management to overcome these complex challenges and remove the obstacles blocking organizational success. His presentation delved into how companies can better integrate their strategic planning with actionable outcomes, a theme that resonated throughout the day.

In-depth Presentations from Seasoned Experts

Jordi Borja, recently appointed Head of Value Stream Management Strategy at Tricise, presented “Uniendo Estrategia y Valor: Mejorando la Toma de Decisiones Mediante Mayor Visibilidad y Credibilidad en los Datos.”

Jordi’s session focused on three critical areas:

  • Data Reliability: Jordi discussed how to ensure data reliability and accuracy to avoid decisions based on incorrect information. He emphasized the importance of compliance and data governance to make each piece of data authentic and usable.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: He explored ways to improve decision-making capabilities by minimizing risks and maximizing return on investment (ROI). Jordi illustrated how integrated data and advanced analytics can transform portfolio evaluation and management, leading to more strategic and accurate decisions.
  • Agile Response to Market Dynamics: The session also covered strategies for adapting quickly to changing market conditions using data-driven insights. Jordi detailed how agile responsiveness becomes a competitive advantage when decisions are based on precise and up-to-date information, allowing for effective adjustments in operations and strategies.

Empowering Strategic Decisions with José Antonio

We were also privileged to have José Antonio García Blázquez, Solution Engineer at Broadcom, share his extensive expertise at the event. José Antonio has worked with leading companies across Spain and Portugal, including Caixabank, MAPFRE, Prosegur, Telefónica, ADIF, Bankia, and Canal de Isabel II. His specialization in ValueOps Solutions enables organizations to effectively plan, manage, and monitor business objectives, investments, and initiatives, providing clarity on OKRs and desired outcomes.
José Antonio’s certifications in SAFe for Archit

ects, SAFe DevOps Practitioner, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, and SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager reflect his deep understanding and ability to facilitate operational and strategic improvements across diverse corporate environments.


In his presentation, José Antonio explored how Strategic Portfolio Management can unlock the full potential of organizations by implementing new use cases. He discussed how aligning long-term sustainability goals with business strategies can drive operational success, achieve substantial savings through more effective resource allocation, and maintain a competitive edge through cohesive strategic execution across geographically dispersed operations.

Furthermore, he addressed how advanced portfolio management can tackle complex strategic challenges, support agile and lean transformations, and optimize innovation processes to accelerate product development and market introduction. José Antonio also highlighted the importance of Digital Product Management (DPM), Collaborative Work Management (CWM), and risk management in strengthening strategic decision-making, thus improving market relevance and customer responsiveness.

Dynamic Roundtable Discussion

A highlight of the day was the roundtable discussion moderated by Luis Esteban, ValueOps Business Unit Director at Tricise. Panelists included:

  • Gustavo Bonalde, an expert in organizational agility and Value Stream Management Ambassador from the VSM Consortium.
  • Lance Knight, Chief Value Stream Architect at Broadcom, known for his influential work in VSM.
  • Martin Quiroga, a specialist in implementing innovative VSM practices at Tricise and Broadcom.

The discussion revolved around optimizing value delivery, tackling common challenges and myths associated with VSM, and how strategic portfolio management integrates with VSM to address complex operational challenges.

Networking and Wrap-Up

The event concluded with a networking lunch, where attendees had the opportunity to discuss their insights and reflect on the day’s learning. The informal setting provided a perfect backdrop for forging new connections and discussing potential collaborations.
As we reflect on the success of this event, it’s clear that the field of Strategic Portfolio Management is ripe with opportunities for innovation and growth. The discussions and presentations underscored the importance of embracing new technologies and strategies to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced market.
We are grateful to all the speakers, participants, and our co-host Broadcom for making this event a success. 


Stay tuned for future events where we will continue to explore the frontiers of management strategy and innovation.

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