Clarity: Empowering Business Agility in the Digital Era

Empowering business agility with Tricise

In our previous blogpost, we explored why creating an business agility framework and culture is essential for success in the digital era. Today, we will look at how Broadcom Clarity, significantly enhances business agility, enabling businesses to swiftly anticipate and adapt to changes in their strategic goals and market environment.

Understanding Business Agility with Clarity

To clarify business agility: this is the ability to quickly adapt to market changes and evolving strategic objectives. This adaptability helps businesses stay competitive and optimize their performance with minimal disruption. Broadcom Clarity supports these objectives with robust features designed for Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM), Collaborative Work Management (CWM), and Digital Product Management (DPM). These tools streamline business processes and enhance responsiveness.

How Clarity Supercharges Key Roles to Empower Business Agility

For Executives

  • Strategic Roadmapping: Clarity’s strategic roadmapping capability allows executives to visually map out long-term goals and strategies, making them accessible and clear to all stakeholders. This top-down planning approach integrates strategy with execution, enabling quick strategic adjustments in response to market changes or internal shifts, thus maintaining alignment and forward momentum.

  • Enhanced Decision-Making with Integrated Business Intelligence: Clarity leverages time-scaled infographics and interactive analytics to provide a clear overview of costs, budgets, and other key metrics. These tools deliver strategic insights that align projects with organizational goals and market demands, facilitating real-time agile decision-making. Executives can access up-to-date information to swiftly assess impacts and make informed decisions.

  • Multi-Investment Portfolios: The ability to treat projects and programs as types of investments bolsters organizational agility. Clarity’s multi-investment portfolio capability allows organizations to view their projects as part of a broader investment strategy. This holistic view supports agile resource allocation and financial planning, ensuring that investments are balanced across the portfolio and aligned with strategic priorities. It also allows for quick shifts in investment focus if the strategic context changes without losing sight of the overall portfolio performance.

  • Streamlining Operations with Advanced Resource Management: Clarity excels in resource management by providing tools that help optimize the allocation and utilization of resources. The Resource Planning feature offers real-time visibility into resource utilization across all projects and investments, aiding in the identification of bottlenecks and dynamic adjustments to meet new project demands. This capability ensures that organizations can maintain operational efficiency and productivity even during significant changes, thus supporting overall agility.

  • Financial Management for Agile Funding: Clarity’s financial management tools are crucial for maintaining agile funding models. They allow for detailed tracking and forecasting of project costs, giving organizations the financial flexibility needed to swiftly reallocate funds and align financial resources with new strategic priorities. This ensures that financial adjustments can be made quickly and efficiently, supporting agile responses to evolving business conditions.

For Strategic Portfolio Managers

  • Flexible Portfolio Management: Clarity provides the flexibility needed to respond to dynamic market conditions. Organizations can create user-defined portfolios that allow for the aggregation of projects and programs based on various criteria, such as strategic importance, expected ROI, or risk level. Moreover this flexibility supports agile decision-making, enabling organizations to prioritize and reprioritize projects quickly based on the evolving business environment or strategic focus, ensuring resources are realigned efficiently.

  • Scenario Planning and Comparison: Clarity allows managers to create and compare multiple what-if scenarios, facilitating proactive management of potential changes in the project landscape. This capability enables decision-makers to evaluate different strategies and their potential impacts before making any changes, ensuring resources are allocated optimally and risks are managed proactively.

For Program, Project, and Product Managers

  • Comprehensive Program Tracking: Clarity provides tools for tracking program progress, managing dependencies, and addressing risks and issues. This ensures programs stay aligned with strategic objectives and can adapt quickly to changes.

  • Project Management Flexibility Across Methodologies: Clarity supports classic, agile, and hybrid project management methodologies, allowing teams to choose the best approach for their project requirements. Tools like Gantt charts, task boards, and scenario planning enhance project planning and execution, promoting flexibility and efficient adaptation to changes.

  • Product Management and Development: Clarity supports both physical and digital product management, allowing teams to plan and control investments, map dependencies, and align product development with strategic initiatives. Integration with Agile development tools like Jira ensures that product development aligns continuously with market demands and strategic goals.

  • Collaboration and Communication Tools: Integrated chat and notification features enhance team collaboration, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and informed.

Business agility is essential today.

Supercharging Business Agility While Eliminating Disruption 

Broadcom’s Clarity is designed to optimize organizational performance by providing a comprehensive suite of tools that support planning, execution, and reporting across all levels of the organization. Key functionalities that contribute to this optimization include:

  • Demand Management: The demand management feature in Clarity enables organizations to handle new ideas, incidents, and project inquiries systematically. By categorizing, evaluating, and prioritizing these demands, Clarity helps organizations adapt to new information or changes in the business environment efficiently. The configurable workflows ensure that ideas are processed and approved quickly, which is essential for maintaining momentum in a fast-paced business setting.

  • Preparing for Different Scenarios: Clarity’s scenario planning and baseline management features allow organizations to prepare for various future scenarios and maintain control over project baselines. This reduces the risk of disruptions when changes occur, ensuring continuity and performance optimization.

  • Integrated Financial Management: Robust financial management capabilities, including cost matrices and profitability calculations, help organizations maintain financial control and make informed decisions. The platform’s ability to integrate with existing ERP systems and generate detailed financial reports (including key performance indicators like ROI, NPV, and others) allows for continuous monitoring and quick adaptation to financial realities. This ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, contributing to overall performance optimization.

  • Real-Time Reporting and Mobile Access: Real-time reporting and mobile access ensure that all stakeholders have up-to-date information, facilitating quick decision-making and reducing the potential for disruption. Customizable dashboards and integrated reporting tools provide valuable insights that drive performance.


In conclusion, by integrating Clarity into your management processes, you can significantly enhance business agility, ensuring your organization can anticipate and adapt to changes efficiently.

For optimal results, consider partnering with Tricise, which offers extensive expertise and support in maximizing the benefits of Clarity for achieving your agility goals.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies to business agility


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