A Recap of the Broadcom Customer Event in Frankfurt

Conference room with Broadcom and Tricise logos on it.

The Broadcom Customer Event in Frankfurt was a platform for learning about the latest in automation. The focus on moving to Automic SaaS highlights the industry’s shift towards cloud-based services.

A Day of Insights and Innovations

Industry experts shared their perspectives on the impact of cloud adoption on workload automation and the ways in which analytics can enhance service delivery. Firstly, a significant highlight was the Automic Automation Customer Survey Results and Trends presentation. Next, Dierk Senholdt and Christian Werseck offered a deep dive into current automation practices and future directions.

Hyperautomation Landscape

One of the core themes of the event was the exploration of the Hyperautomation Landscape. Our speakers ventured into the concept of embracing advanced automation strategies. Subsequently, real-life stories of Automic Cloud Integrations provided examples of implementing automation in various sectors.

The Path to Automic SaaS

A significant moment of the day was the presentation on the technical migration path from on-premises or cloud environments to Broadcom’s Automic Automation Software as a Service (SaaS). Furthermore, the solution is also supported by Tricise’s innovative add-on, “3C for Automic” (Deployment Manager). This session by Christian and Dierk also detailed the methodology of transitioning to Automic SaaS, underlining its practical aspects.

Collaborative Insights and Future Visions

The event was not just about presentations but also about fostering a collaborative environment. With approximately 40 customers, the exchange of ideas and experiences was rich and diverse. It also offered insights into the practical challenges and opportunities of automation.

As we look forward to these sessions, it’s clear that the series will continue to bring together industry leaders, experts, and businesses interested in the depths of automation. Whether you’re directly involved in automation or simply curious about its potential impact, these events will continue to offer invaluable insights and networking opportunities.

In conclusion, the Frankfurt event has set the bar for the series, demonstrating the keen interest in automation. The anticipation for the Hamburg, Zürich, and Vienna sessions is already building, and it’s promising more opportunities to engage with cutting-edge automation solutions and strategies. Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to dive deeper into the world of automation.

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