Service Virtualization lets you capture and simulate the behaviour of constrained or unavailable systems for faster parallel testing, higher application quality and reliability.


What if that API, micro-service, mainframe or 3rd party systems are not available to test against? Service virtualization provides DevOps and testing teams across the application development and delivery ecosystem with a chain of API test capabilities that are automated and easy to maintain—saving time and effort. Our solution has the ability to virtualize APIs and drive API tests at any layer, even for unavailable or isolated systems.

Service Virtualization eliminates constraints by creating simulations of needed systems and making them available throughout the software development lifecycle. Developers, testers, and performance teams work in parallel. The result is faster delivery, lower costs, and higher quality of innovative new software applications.

Business challenges 

As software becomes more and more critical to your business’ success, your technology teams are driven to deliver software faster with ever-higher expectations for quality and usability. The growing complexity of your applications means your technology teams face a barrage of bottlenecks as they strive to deliver better business results. And, current processes and tools are failing to overcome these limitations, such as: 

  • Unavailable systems. Systems become constrained due to schedules, security restrictions, contention between teams or because they are still under development.
  • Poor performing applications. Downstream systems and mockups may not provide the functional behaviour or performance response needed, network connections in the test lab do not reflect production network conditions and end-user performance suffers.
  • Costly third-party access fees. Developing or testing against cloud-based or other shared services can result in costly usage fees. 

Key benefits and results 

Service and application emulation. Replace fragile stubs and mocks with dynamic, robust simulations that accurately model the behaviour, data and performance of needed systems. 

Test more, test often, test always. CA Service Virtualization includes CA Application Test, a built-in test suite providing deep support for automated functional, UI, mobile and performance testing. 

Seamless integration. Built from the ground up to integrate with development and test tools such as Selenium, Eclipse and major testing suites. 

  • Parallel development and testing. Enable multiple developments and testing teams to work in parallel, eliminating schedule bottlenecks and speeding time to market
  • Infrastructure requirement reduction. Eliminate much of the concurrent demand for environments created by high-velocity development and test processes
  • “Shift Left” and test more. Test earlier in the software lifecycle when issues are easier and less expensive to resolve
  • Performance readiness. Load test at the component level with production-level conditions
  • Elimination of costs for third-party services. Avoid costs by simulating needed third-party services