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Digital Transformation Acceleration with Mainframe

The modern enterprise relies on an increasingly complex hybrid and multi-cloud IT architecture to win in the digital economy. Mastering that hybrid IT architecture—inclusive of the mainframe—is fundamental to your success. But, how do you ensure that all systems and all data work in concert to drive that success?

Success in the digital economy requires architecting the mainframe to be an integrated and agile platform within a changing IT landscape.

Are you architecting your mainframe for success?

Hybrid IT is tasked with having to continuously innovate to meet the demands of modern consumers while simultaneously reducing costs—the ultimate balancing act.

IT leaders need to effectively integrate disparate data and systems, empower users and maximize resources to achieve this goal. Partnering with life cycle partners is critical:

  • DevOps and Application Development
  • Enterprise Security and Compliance
  • Intelligent Operations and Management


Modernize the mainframe through DevOps.

DevOps has proven to be a game-changer for IT organizations, but has it worked for your mainframe platform? CA helps you extend DevOps practices to the mainframe with solutions like CA Brightside—the first cross-enterprise DevOps solution designed for teams to control, script and develop for the mainframe like any other cloud platform. By increasing process velocity and product quality, we help you succeed in a DevOps-focused world.

>70% of the top 30 largest companies use Mainframe DevOps solutions from CA for business transformations.


Enterprise security and compliance

Secure data without locking it down.

Mainframes—while the most secure platform ever built—are not impervious to cyber threats and regulatory mishaps.

In the era of Big Data and Big Regulation, enterprises are increasingly focused on establishing and sophisticating their security and compliance strategy. Cross-enterprise data security and compliance—inclusive of the mainframe—must protect business-critical data, drive productivity and enhance the enterprise’s overall digital profile. Take advantage of the leading mainframe security product portfolio from Broadcom—from threat detection to privileged access management—to effectively secure the enterprise.

65% of consumers lose trust in a breached organization.


Intelligent operations and management

Work smarter, not harder.

IT operations is central to delivering on innovation demands and digital transformation. It is the backbone of every business. However, traditional methods of “sifting through data” or manually solving and resolving issues no longer suffices.

By applying machine learning to IT operations management, enterprises can speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency, drive innovation, lower costs and deliver a consistently superior user experience.

Bringing together data, machine learning and automation is at the heart of how we are helping you optimize your mainframe operations—catch issues before they happen, proactively provide actionable insights and ultimately, manage a self-healing system.

85% of surveyed IT organizations agree that CA Mainframe Management solutions improved their ability to proactively prevent issues.