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Maximizing Engagement and Innovation at Le Spot 2024

One of the most anticipated aspects of Le Spot 2024 is its unique “Slow-Dating” networking opportunity, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this innovative approach. This meticulously organized setup affords us the chance to engage in meaningful conversations with 10 prospective customers, carefully pre-arranged to ensure a perfect match between our solutions and the companies that could significantly benefit from our expertise.

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Consum Supermarket with Tricise design elements

Consum Supermarkets: Embracing Change with ValueOps

Consum Supermarkets transformed its operations by adopting ValueOps, leading to enhanced efficiency and teamwork. This strategic move reduced planning times and costs by up to 60%, showcasing the impact of technology on modernising retail. Discover the full story in our detailed case study on Consum’s innovative journey.

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