Five Innovations of Dollar Universe v7

Dollar Universe V.7 logo with red background
Dollar Universe Workload Automation v7 is set to be released in the upcoming weeks, and this will be one of the main topics discussed in our next webinar, organized by Apta Solutions, featuring the participation of Broadcom’s Product Manager, Frederic Caloone. With the aim of bringing the product closer to users, we offer a preview of some of the new features that the new release will provide.

New Features of Dollar Universe Workload Automation v7: 

  1. Dollar Universe Reporter moves to Dollar Universe Explorer, with a new web interface for report generation, easier to customize, easier to share, and more dynamic. It allows creating a link between Dollar Universe production documentation in Explorer and execution information in Reporter.
  2. New Uprocs for WebServices, including multi-step management. This allows executing at least 5 basic steps when performing an action in a Cloud Application:
    • Login
    • Action
    • Check loop
    • Retrieve result
    • Logout
  3. Dollar Universe Workload Automation in a Docker Container.
  4. A new search tool in the Univiewer Console to find Dollar Universe Objects and their usage in the Dollar Universe network.
  5. Automatic deployment of the Production Plan and Configuration at the user’s request.

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