An initiative by Tricise in collaboration with Broadcom, to share insights, ideas and practical knowledge to help you boost your business by aligning C-level decision needs with IT

Increase your visibility, improve your ROI, speed up your time-to-market, achieve your strategic goals with the best in class software delivered by highly qualified professionals all across Europe. Listen in to industry experts from Broadcom, from Tricise founders and satisfied customers and learn about how ValueOps, AIOps and Automation can help you make the right decisions on time, increase your efficiency and save you time, energy and effort.


Keynote Webinar with Serge Lucio, Broadcom

Some matches are made in heaven, and we believe that when business and IT alignment is done right, it can become the perfect connection, leading to business success, better IT processes and more satisfied customers and partners. Serge Lucio, General Manager of Broadcom’s Enterprise Software Division, will let you in on his insights about how business decisions can be better made with the full support of IT alignment. You will learn about how to increase your visibility, improve your ROI, speed up your time-to-market – based on industry best practices coming from Broadcom, the global technology leader in designing and developing infrastructure software solutions. With this keynote speech, you will be one step close to achieving your business goals and defining your priorities.

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ValueOps Track

Our webinars in the ValueOps track of the Business and IT Alignment Done Right Summit will give you a clear picture of how you can inject value into your organization. Learn about how to facilitate the necessary internal alignment within your business with the project portfolio management solutions that Tricise and Broadcom offer. Make the most of integrating planning features and agile methods. Get all your deployment under control with value add-ons. Hear about it first hand from experts.

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AIOps and Automation Track

The webinars in the Automation and AIOps track of the Business and IT Alignment Done Right Summit will guide you through the future of AIOps and its potential impact within your business, supported by business automation and operational intelligence solutions. Learn about how getting your IT under control means getting your business under control. Understand how Artificial Intelligence is making Automation even more efficient with Automic Automation Intelligence and Operational Intelligence and data science allow you to set proactive and automated remediation capabilities. Get first-hand information about how to support your cloud readiness and make the most of Broadcom Automation and AIOps solutions.

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Agenda — 7th September 2021

Keynote webinar

10:00  Business Meets IT — boost your business success with Tricise and Broadcom
with Serge Lucio and Manuel Martinez

ValueOps Track

11:00  The Future of PPM
with Marc Leijten and Petr Stastny

12:30  ValueOps —how to fund your most valuable investments and prove ROI
with Marc Leijten, Petr Stastny and Christopher Pola

13:00  How to integrate Clarity and Rally for maximum impact
with Apta Solutions

14:00  The Clarity deployment challenges and how to deal with them with 3C
with Manuel Brugger

AIOps and Automation Track

11:00  AI for IT —IT under control means business under control
with Fernando Nogueras Alvarez

12:00  Automic Automation Intelligence, SLA management and predictions
with John Hiett

13:00  Automic Cloud readiness
with Kaj Wierda

14:00  Automic Application Support
with Guenther Flamm

15:00 Stress Testing: How The New York Times Prepared for Election Season
with Shesh Patel

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