Run smarter, faster IT operations through algorithmic insight.


Your IT teams are being tasked with managing environments that are growing more ephemeral, modular, and volatile by the day. With DX Operational Intelligence, your teams can effectively manage today’s complex enterprise environments, consistently deliver a superior user experience, and rapidly realize significant operational efficiencies.

DX Operational Intelligence is a machine-learning-driven AIOps solution that provides the most comprehensive service intelligence, analyzing diverse structured and unstructured data sources that can range from the cloud to the mainframe. Built on an open, scalable data lake, the solution generates actionable, predictive insights by ingesting and analyzing diverse data sets, including metric, topology, text, and log data. With the solution, your IT teams can act on potential issues much earlier, isolate the real root cause faster, and ultimately remediate issues before they affect the business.


Full Stack Observability

Mobile to mainframe and app to network, only DX Operational Intelligence monitors across all environments while also integrating with 3rd party tools to deliver new levels of visibility across your entire digital delivery chain. Our vendor-agnostic AIOps platform monitors your entire stack, minimizing wars rooms and finger-pointing associated with tool sprawl. It cross-correlates every component of your full-stack, from the application, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of your users allowing you to see how everything in your stack is connected.

Comprehensive Data Sets

For true AI-driven insights, comprehensive data sets are essential. DX Operational Intelligence provides extensive depth and breadth of coverage, ingesting structured and unstructured data including metrics, alarms, logs, topology, text, and API data. Only our AIOps platform ingests and correlates all these data types and offers metric-driven, not event-driven, anomaly detection to help you discover potential issues before they affect your users.

Root Cause Analytics

With DX Operational Intelligence, your teams can move from reactive firefighting to proactive management. Our AIOps platform delivers machine-learning-based algorithms that can automatically find the root cause of critical problems. Only our extensive algorithm libraries leverage the 4Ts: Topology, Time, Text and Training to correlate the information from multiple data and arrive at the root cause. DX Operational Intelligence eliminates the noise from the signal and helps IT attain a faster MTTR.


Reduce outages and fix problems before they impact business with best-in-class predictive analytics to trigger autonomous remediation before the problem occurs. DX Operational Intelligence automatically triggers automated, proactive execution of remediation scripts, and the automated updating of tickets to reflect the steps taken - all before it impacts the customer experience.

Service Driven Business Insights

Through smart service modelling, DX Operational Intelligence delivers business-driven service views that connect to your underlying app and infrastructure components to quickly identify which issue is impacting your business KPIs the most. Only our AIOps platform maps issues to associated business services, enabling more intelligent prioritization to minimize the impact on customer experience.