Five Reasons Why Organizations Choose Clarity

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) tools help companies deliver value faster and more efficiently, provide more extensive and accurate reports, and offer a more strategic view of their projects, programs, or any other product or service they offer as part of their portfolio. However, Portfolio and Project Management cannot provide these benefits unless it offers a compelling user experience that ensures widespread adoption. If your company is looking for a PPM solution, here are the top five reasons why organizations choose Clarity from Broadcom. Clarity PPM from Broadcom is one of the few solutions that provides all these benefits, which is likely why many companies use it, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the following article, we will look at the top five reasons why organizations adopt it and why we should consider it for our own business.

1. A more modern user experience

Without a great user experience, even the most powerful and feature-rich software falls short. After all, if users cannot quickly and easily keep their projects up to date, or worse, do not use them at all, the solution won’t provide much value.

However, for a long time, the user experience has always taken a back seat for Project & Portfolio Management providers. In a competitive race to add new features, PPM solutions have become more powerful but also more cumbersome and difficult to manage.

That’s why Broadcom has invested heavily in transforming the user interface and experience of Clarity. All the functionality and power of Clarity are still there, but now it’s more intuitive than ever.

For example, Clarity now includes powerful grid views that offer a spreadsheet-like interface. With grid views, users can easily add and remove columns, group data, and save custom filters/views to get information more quickly. This means the number of clicks needed to create and arrange data and business insights in Clarity has been significantly reduced throughout the system. The grid view also means users can easily export data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis in familiar tools.

2. Greater configurability


Comprehensive Portfolio and Project Management should provide information about the entire business and be used by the entire company. But naturally, the variety of people and roles that make up the organization need to visualize very different things.

Clarity PPM makes it easy to configure screens with customer-specific terminology and data, allowing us to customize what each user sees. This means that each member of our team gets the information they need to make effective decisions without accessing unnecessary data for their job. And with custom templates, users can define a model for different types and volumes of work to avoid duplications and improve consistency across the portfolio.

A key differentiator is that Clarity does all this through a single modular application with a single underlying database. This means both users and developers get what they need: role-based security, easily configured functionality and data views, without the complexity or development cost that often accompanies tools with a complex or disparate architecture.

3. Powerful and Flexible Business Intelligence


While some organizations settle for analyzing data in their PPM solutions, others will enjoy a Business Intelligence solution.

To achieve this, it is helpful for a PPM tool like Clarity to have integrated powerful Business Intelligence tool capabilities. This is the case with TIBCO Jaspersoft, which is fully integrated, providing a powerful reporting tool that helps users create ad hoc views and preformatted reports based on their data in Clarity.

Clarity’s versatility in this regard allows some customers to want to leverage other tools they already use, such as Power BI, Tableau, or other advanced reporting solutions. Therefore, Clarity offers the best of both worlds, allowing users to make the most of Jaspersoft data or connect Clarity data to many popular BI tools for reporting and consumption through an ODATA connector.

Beyond integration with Business Intelligence tools, Clarity can also connect with other tools like Jira, SAP, or other third-party software. Apta Services, part of the Apta Solutions Group, can help us integrate these solutions to expand our data capabilities.

4. Valued by its customers


Video: Clarity customers speak clarity customers, Clarity PPM customers It is encouraging to know that our chosen PPM solution is considered the leader by leading industry analysts. Reports such as IDC MarketScape: Worldwide IT Project and Portfolio Management 2019–2020 Vendor Assessment, Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for PPM, or the Q4 2019 Forrester Wave report on Strategic Portfolio Management for Agile Organizations are some examples that position Clarity from Broadcom as the best Project & Portfolio Management tool.

In addition, user reviews on both g2 and IT Central Station speak favorably about Clarity’s wide range of features, its robust architecture, and its flexible deployment options, and how they hold up in the real world. And for a more detailed view of how companies use Clarity, both Broadcom and Apta Solutions also have customer testimonials confirming how companies from various industries are leveraging the solution to the fullest.

5. Comprehensive Security and Data Privacy


With so much data passing through a PPM tool, it is understandable that security and data protection are a priority for organizations working with a broad list of providers.

This is another area where Clarity’s approach to role-based usage can provide peace of mind. Clarity uses role-based security features to ensure that defined roles, such as resource managers, team members, and project managers, can only see the data they need to see.

Clarity also applies security based on the organization’s structure. Therefore, regional and departmental teams can be defined to ensure teams have access to the correct data, either through full editing rights or view-only access.

This role-based security extends to all types of data. Whether our organization needs to control data at the field level, project level, or within defined groupings, Clarity makes it easy to configure and maintain security while helping you find the right balance between easy collaboration and data security and confidentiality.

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