Deliver five-star user experiences consistently. Eliminate QA roadblocks and improve quality.

Modern, Intelligent Continuous Testing for DevOps

What is continuous testing?

Continuous testing is the practice of embedding quality through every phase of the software delivery lifecycle - from planning to production. The goal is to ensure that testing continuously reduces risk and improves application quality.

  • Scale tests early with a unified software testing solution built for developers.
  • Use open source-based technologies to extend your Testing Center of Excellence (CoE), democratize testing so your Agile teams can test early and often.
  • Test in sprint with tests and automation generated directly from requirements.
  • Enable any team to create and update tests with easy-to-use scriptless automated testing.
  • Eliminate costly delays in test environments with virtual services and synthetic test data available on demand.
  • Ensure five-star user experience with a single platform that delivers capabilities including 360-degree API test and monitoring and combined functional testing and UI testing that shows application performance under peak traffic.
  • Use AI-powered insights based on DevOps and continuous delivery pipeline metrics synthesized across systems and releases to increase pipeline and application testing efficiency.
  • Improve business outcomes by making data-driven decisions about release readiness and application quality to increase confidence, lower risk, and gain competitive advantage.

Businesses that focus on quality throughout their software development differentiate themselves and can deliver better customer experiences, leading to improved business outcomes.

Continuous Testing from Broadcom helps business leaders scale digital innovation with the use of intelligent automated testing that constantly monitors, orchestrates and optimizes continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows.

By embedding quality throughout the software lifecycle, businesses eliminate QA bottlenecks for faster, higher quality software releases. Teams that constantly learn from fast, continuous feedback make informed decisions that consistently improve the quality of the software they build.