Consum Supermarkets: Embracing Change with ValueOps

Consum Supermarket with Tricise design elements

Consum Supermarkets transformed its operations by adopting ValueOps, leading to enhanced efficiency and teamwork. This strategic move reduced planning times and costs by up to 60%, showcasing the impact of technology on modernising retail. Discover the full story in our detailed case study on Consum’s innovative journey.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

Back in 1975, Consum Supermarkets started its journey, growing into one of Spain’s most beloved retail chains with over 874 stores. With a team of more than 19,000 people, Consum has always aimed to provide the best shopping experience. But as times change, so must businesses.

Facing the Challenge Head-On

Consum decided it was time to make their work easier and more connected. They wanted a system that could bring everyone in the company together, making sure all parts of the business worked smoothly. However, this wasn’t just about being more organised; it was about being ready for the future.

The Game-Changer: ValueOps

After searching for the perfect solution, Consum found ValueOps by Broadcom, with help from Tricise (AptaSolutions). ValueOps wasn’t just another tool; it was the key to making everything work better together. It helped Consum plan better, work more efficiently, and keep everyone on the same track.

The Impact of Change

The results were amazing. Consum saved a lot of time and money, up to 60% less, by switching to automated planning. But more than that, it brought the whole company closer, making teamwork better and helping everyone learn and improve.

Looking to the Future

Consum’s journey with ValueOps shows that even the biggest companies can always find new ways to improve. It’s a story of growth, learning, and looking ahead.

Learn More

Curious about the full story? Download our detailed case study on Consum Supermarkets’ transformation with ValueOps. See how embracing change can lead to remarkable results.

Download our case study here!

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