Start Right with Agile In-Sprint Automation


Quality is imperative to driving revenue through stellar customer experiences. This is why organizations are increasingly focused on improving software quality and application delivery speed. Test teams strive to test in every sprint but traditional testing practices hold them back in a big way. How can you achieve the speed, velocity, and volume of changes required to attain continuous testing at the speed of agile? Agile Requirements Designer is the solution.

Business Challenges

  • Sixty-four percent of total defect costs stem from the requirements engineering and design phase. This means that more than half of the time, defects can be traced back to poorly defined requirements. Poorly defined requirements result in costly code defects, rework, and a poor customer experience. (Quality Flaws: Issues and Challenges in Software Development. Hyderabad Business School, GITAM University. 2012.)
  • Seventy percent of testing is still manual. Test teams are inundated by myriad mundane tasks. Teams spend too much time creating tests by hand, reading requirements, creating traceability matrices, identifying and creating test data, and more. (Bloor Research Spotlight Paper: Automated test case generation. Howard, Philip. September, 2014.)
  • Only 10-20% of tests are covered, exposing the software to defects. Because manual testing is tedious and inefficient, it can lead to both under-testing and over-testing. Some features are tested too little while others features are tested too much, some times as much as 18 times over. (Implementation experience metrics collected by CA Technologies.)

Solutions Overview

True and smart testing at scale. When you use Agile Requirements to test at the speed of agile, you reduce manual testing effort while delivering better quality applications to market faster. Advanced engineering of requirements and test design automation capabilities help you to drive agile testing approaches in every sprint. Agile Requirements Designer Start Right with Agile In-Sprint Automation Agile Requirements Designer automatically generates the optimal set of tests directly from your requirements. It models complete and unambiguous flowcharts for maximum test coverage. Tests are maintained as a single source of truth that is scaled for use across teams. When requirements change, Agile Requirements Designer automatically updates these tests.